About this site

The world is full of specialists: historians, scientists, and researchers of all kinds. This makes sense. Our world is complex; we need specialists to delve into it.

But all of us still live in the complex world. It’s up to us to take the knowledge of a thousand specialisations and make something of it.

It’s up to us to be generalists.


This website is designed to share topics drawn from the full stretch of human knowledge.

Each entry is brief, but links to further reading if you want to know more. I try to link to Wikipedia where possible; it’s ad-free, informative (usually), and the links are less likely to rot.

This website is written by one person based in Auckland, New Zealand. I acknowledge that this introduces an inevitable bias: I choose topics that I find interesting, and I write on topics that exist on Wikipedia (which has its own biases).

To counter this bias, please share interesting topics with me. If I like them, I may use them in future entries.

Because I am a generalist, there’s always the possibility that I have mischaracterised something in ignorance. If you want to correct anything on this site, let me know.