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Coffee and tea, together at last

Like coffee? Great. Like tea? Superb. Visit Hong Kong, and you can drink both of them at the same time.

Okay, first there’s a disclaimer. I don’t drink coffee or tea. Separately or together. However, for many people the coffee vs. tea wars are a very real and entrenched office battle. If this is true for you, then this olive branch is guaranteed to make everyone equally unhappy.

Yuenyeung is a popular drink in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and nearby countries. It’s made with a mixture of coffee and milky black tea at a ratio of 3:7, served hot or cold. If you want to try it out, please do so and then report back. I want to know whether coffee or tea wins out.

There’s apparently a kid’s equivalent too, made by mixing Ovaltine and Horlicks. This also sounds nasty.


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