High pool

In Singapore there is a cantilevered platform resting on top of three skyscrapers. And on top of that platform is an infinity pool.

Marina Bay Sands
Erwin Soo from Singapore, Singapore / CC BY

I usually avoid talking about commercial stuff because this blog is deliberately ad-free. But this building, the Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore, is bananas. And given the current state of world travel, there’s not much chance of you or I visiting it any time soon.

The three skyscrapers of this construction are joined at the top by a long platform called the SkyPark. It sticks out over the edge of the northernmost tower by 67 metres and is packed with trees, a jogging path, nightclubs, and a long swimming pool. It’s the swimming pool that I find interesting – not only is it one of the highest outdoor swimming pools in the world (fifty-five storeys up) but it’s an infinity pool as well.

The concept of an infinity pool is simple and clever: there’s a little waterfall at the edge of the pool that goes down into a lowered basin. The pool is still fenced off and perfectly safe, but when you’re swimming it looks like it has no edge. Many infinity pools are set near the ocean so it looks like there’s nothing between the pool and the sea. The infinity pool at the SkyPark fades into the view over Singapore, so it looks like you’re swimming in the sky itself.

Infinity pool
Sarah_Ackerman from New York, USA / CC BY

Just goes to show what a lot of money will buy you if you want to show off.

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