Update 4

Time for another round of updates!

1. Thanks for reading

As is my tradition to say every hundred posts, thank you very much for reading and sharing! It gives me a real lift to think that people are enjoying this motley and random collection of curiosities.

Special thanks this time to Alan Jacobs, who has shared a few of my posts on his excellent weekly newsletter. It’s just my type of erudite eclecticism, so do check it out.

2. Updates on previous topics

The march of time continues to add new developments to old topics. Here are some updates on previous blog posts.

Pizza Island – the artists’ collective has a shared blog to keep us updated on their progress and current whereabouts. Good news on that front: the cancelled animated show Tuca and Bertie has been saved.

Interstellar comet – More details have come out about the origin and chemical composition of 2I/Borisov, the comet from another solar system.

The old philosopher – a reader on Facebook has suggested the notorious Hungarian suicide song as another candidate for most depressing music; reader David S. has offered this sad cover of Don’t Worry, Be Happy as well.

Involuntary park – a reader on Twitter has noted that the former border between East and West Germany is now the gorgeous German Green Belt, although according to her “green ribbon” would be a more fitting translation.

Largest number – Ron Graham, the creator of the impossibly large Graham’s Number, died just two days ago. A sad loss of a brilliant mathematician.

3. Un petit généraliste

My wife and I are expecting the delivery of a mini-generalist some time in the next few weeks. I hope to continue posting new topics daily, but if some days slip past without a post you’ll know that I’m knee-deep in nappies, stress, and paternal pride.

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