Comic Scrabble

The French comic publishing house L’Association made a game that plays like Scrabble – except that it uses comic panels instead of letters.

Camille Gévaudan / CC BY-SA

French comic artists like to get experimental. Étienne Lécroart, for example, wrote a palindromic comic book called Cercle Vicieux (“Vicious Circle”). You can start reading at the beginning and work your way to the end, or you can start at the “end” and read backwards. Either direction is cohesive and makes narrative sense (it’s a little like that ambigram comic I wrote about seven months ago). Lécroart also designed a board game, a little gift for his friends at L’Association: Scroubabble.

The board looks a lot like Scrabble. The play of the game isn’t too different from Scrabble. But there’s one key departure: the tiles don’t show letters, they show single comic book panels.

Scroubabble tiles feature four characters: a cow, a dog, a mouse, and a hippo. Each tile panel contains one of those characters speaking a random line or showing a random reaction or emotion. When it’s your turn, you must place several tiles on the board to construct a cohesive comic strip… with the other players judging whether it makes sense or not, and also how many points you should get for it. The next player’s comic strip must cross over an existing strip on the board, just as words in Scrabble must intersect with existing words.

I’d love to show you a picture but alas there are no CC-licenced images of Scroubabble available. This image on Board Game Geek gives you a decent idea of the overall look of this inventive game.


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