Stats 2

This website is two years old today.

Joey Gannon from Pittsburgh, PA / CC BY-SA

I began this blog exactly two years ago today. Once again, thank you all for reading, liking, commenting, and sharing. As is my tradition (two posts counts as a tradition, right?) this post contains a few random stats about the first two years of this website.

First, I wanted to especially thank some long-time readers:

  • Eub, who has added the most comments to this blog.
  • Jill E. and Jared M., who “like” every Facebook post, and Ben L., Greg M., and Robbie A., who like a lot of the Facebook posts.
  • Gareth E., who has suggested the most topics.

The most viewed post in this blog’s two-year history is the election of the doge; there’s a seven-way tie for least viewed post now: highest heels, loneliest trees, suffragette arson, bee mummies, body swap, drunk election, and the Mules of Melilla.

The total wordcount of this site is now 226,165 words, which is longer than Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment. At my current rate I will pass James Joyce’s Ulysses in a hundred days.

This site uses 37 categories for all the non-update posts. That makes 666 different two-category combinations (e.g. Art + Military, or Screen & Stage + Health & Medicine). As of today all but 90 of those combinations are used by at least one post. Art and Military, for example, have art in the trenches in common; Screen & Stage and Health & Medicine are both categories for the real touch of death. One of my goals is to have at least one post for each two-category combination.

Finally, I’ve added a new link to the menu and also a button here that takes you to a random post. If you’re a new reader it’s a great way to browse through the archive.

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