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Ayn Rand’s choose-your-own-adventure play, the magician in the oven, the shortest play in history, and the cross-eyed kabuki pose.

Anefo / CC0

At the emotional climax of a kabuki play, an actor will strike and hold a unique pose known as the mie. Sometimes they go cross-eyed.

Jury summons
Unknown, possibly work for hire for Albert H. Woods, producer of the play [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Ayn Rand wrote a play about a court trial in which the audience acted as jury and voted on the performance’s outcome. Objectivism!

The 19th century French magician Ivan Chabert performed his act from within a lit oven.

Roger Pic / Public domain

Samuel Beckett wrote the world’s shortest play. The first performance still managed to mess it up.

For more trivia about the stage, theatre superstitions, magicians, and clowns, begin here:

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