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The weeds that mimicked crops so much they became crops themselves, the culinary diplomacy of Thailand, the ice cream parlour of a thousand flavours, and the reason Hershey’s chocolate tastes like vomit.

Rye and oats were originally weeds; they became domesticated by mimicking other crops.

Why are there so many Thai restaurants, and why do they all look and taste so similar? Culinary diplomacy.

Care for some crab ice cream? Or macaroni and cheese ice cream? Go to Heladería Coromoto in Venezuela.

Hershey's chocolates
Maxim75 / CC0

Non-Americans think that Hershey’s chocolate tastes like vomit. This is Milton Snavely Hershey’s fault.

For more strange facts about food, and the plants and animals that give us food, begin here:

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