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The human chain across the Baltic states; the 1746 Scottish kilt ban; legislators and slumlords in 19th century New York battling over windows and sunlight; when the dictator of Portugal was removed from office no-one told him for two years.

In a bid for independence from the Soviet Union, one quarter of the population of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania joined hands in a 675km human chain.

Georg Cöler / Public domain

The Scottish kilt was illegal for nearly forty years, from 1746 to 1782.

Jacob Riis / Public domain

Late 19th century New York saw a battle between state legislators and slumlords over access to windows and sunlight.

When António de Oliveira Salazar, the leader of Portugal, had a stroke he was quickly replaced. But no-one told Salazar, and he died two years later believing himself still in charge.

For more strange legal battles, strange laws, and strange politicians, begin here:

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