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The pelican in her piety; the oldest individual animal on the planet; the insects with natural gears; and the lizards who play evolutionary rock-paper-scissors.

The pelican has been a symbol of Jesus Christ for hundreds of years, appearing in works by Dante, Shakespeare, and Thomas Aquinas, plus the title page of the original King James Bible.

An ocean quahog caught in 2006 was born close to the time Christopher Columbus set sail for America; it is the oldest known non-clonal animal ever found.

Insect gears
University of Cambridge (Profs. Malcolm Burrows & Gregory Sutton) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The legs of the planthopper nymph are connected by naturally occurring gears.

The colours and behaviour of the side-blotched lizard are determined by an evolutionary game of rock-paper-scissors.

For more odd facts about fish, insects, birds, and beasts, begin here:

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