Stats 4

Hey, long time no see. This website is four years old today.

Birthday cake
Joey Gannon from Pittsburgh, PA / CC BY-SA

This time last year I wrote that I was going to drop the frequency of posts on this website, but that I would continue to update a few times a week. That lasted until August of last year, when I posted last posted and then dropped completely off the face of the Earth.

I mean, not literally. Some significant life changes (a death, a diagnosis, and a new job) meant that I have had almost no time to write anything. I miss writing. I hope to come back to it. The timeline for a return is, however, out of my hands.

My tradition is to share some stats about the website each year, but I don’t have many to share. Surprisingly, the site’s traffic hasn’t dropped since I stopped posting. The long tail of older posts lives on in the search algorithms, I suppose. And some time in 2022 I passed the cumulative word count of all the Narnia books. Or, if you prefer, The Brothers Karamazov.

(I meant to write a post about all the famous fans of Dostoevsky’s masterwork, in fact – Freud, Kafka, Einstein, Vonnegut, Joyce, Stalin, Pope Benedict – but I figured that I should probably read the book myself first.)

I don’t know when I’ll be able to get back into writing, but in the meantime… take care of yourselves and those you love.

2 Replies to “Stats 4”

  1. Looking forward to your erudite return.


  2. Hey, best wishes from a stranger with everything going on. And I hope life allows you time to write, now and then.

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