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The Japanese tomb of Jesus

News flash: Jesus Christ didn’t die on the cross; instead, he fled to Siberia and then on to Japan. Don’t believe me? Well, go visit the Tomb of Jesus in Shingō, talk to some of his descendants, and then tell them they’re wrong.


ウィキ太郎 (Wiki Taro) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

(I’m pretty sure they’re wrong. Various sources say that post-crucifixion Jesus travelled to England, France, India, and the Americas too… so he got around, it seems.)

The story goes that Jesus’ brother Isukiri was crucified instead, and Jesus then fled to Japan. He became a farmer, married, had three daughters, died at 106 years old, and was buried in Shingō. You can visit the grave today, if you really want.

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