Peninsula no more

Qatar has been engaged in a diplomatic crisis with its neighbours since 2017. Amid the escalating tensions, Saudi Arabia has proposed a canal stretching all the way along the border with Qatar – turning the peninsula into an island.

Salwa Canal
Io Herodotus [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The proposed Salwa Canal would 200 metres wide, 20 metres deep, and stretch 70km along the border between Saudi Arabia to Qatar. It’s ostensibly to facilitate shipping and tourism, but in reality it looks like another salvo in the increasingly acrimonious conflict between the two nations.

The tendering process was supposed to take place last year, but I cannot find anything in the news about the progress of this project. I don’t think there have been any genuine attempts to turn a peninsula into an island as a diplomatic move before, although the Corinth Canal in Greece has arguably turned the Peloponesse into an island too.