Update 1

What’s this? Two posts in one day? This is not an official post, instead it’s a quick update on the state of this blog.

1. Thank you

First of all, a big thank you for reading! I began this project with the hope that others would find these things as interesting as I do, and the range and volume of readers has been most gratifying.

A particular and special thank you to those who have added comments here or on Facebook, given me ideas for new posts, or shared this blog more widely on Facebook, Twitter, or on other websites. I’d love to grow my audience and those are all great ways to help me do so.

2. Browsing the archives

At the bottom of each page is a list of categories. If you want to explore this blog’s interesting things non-chronologically, please check them out.

I put posts in multiple categories when appropriate, and I was curious about whether and how those categories interact. So I made this network diagram:


Each category is a “node” and the larger nodes have more posts in them. When a single post has multiple categories, the lines indicate the categories that they share. So, for example, the strong line between Military and Modern History indicates that many posts share those categories.

The colours are automatic algorithmic groupings that are supposed to show clusters of topics. This is mainly interesting where a category is put somewhere unexpected: Africa and Middle East with History, for example, or Politics & Law with Places. Perhaps they show the systemic biases of my topic selection?

3. Updates on previous topics

The Iffland-Ring, first mentioned in the March 10 post, has been awarded to Jens Harzer, the noted German stage and film actor.

The proposed Salwa Canal, first mentioned in the June 1 post, has not moved forward much. It still pops into the news now and then, but mainly as a backdrop to the continued tension between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Tuca & Bertie, the excellent animated show mentioned in the June 8 post, has been cancelled. Boo.

As reported by Babbageclunk in the comments on the July 8 post, chickens lay eggs from out of their butts! Outrageous.

4. Future interesting things

I have promised – in the blog or in the comments – to cover the following topics at some point:

I still plan to write about all of these, so keep an eye out. But I also have more than 200 other topics already planned – it may be a while 🙂





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