Chess boxing

Three minutes of chess, then three minutes of boxing, then back to chess. Of all the hybrid sports out there, this might be my favourite.

Chess boxing
WCBO [CC BY 3.0 de], via Wikimedia Commons
Yes, chess boxing is a real thing. It may have begun as Dutch-German performance art, but now there are official rules, championships, and a worldwide organisation and association. There are a few antecedents: a French graphic novel, a kung fu movie, and a Wu-Tang Clan song (inspired, obviously, by the kung fu movie), but the actual sport has only been around since 2003.

The game alternates between standard boxing rounds and timed chess rounds. You can win by knockout or by checkmate, or by points if neither of those happen. I wonder if people start making stupid moves once they’ve been clocked in the head a few times?

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